Twelve Bars Blue

I been drinking to myself
I been thinking what the hell
The whisky is pouring like rain
But it don’t seem to help
Cause this bar’s my twelfth
Trying to drown you out again
Counting the bars is like counting the stars
Drinking all night all over you
Baby I’m twelve bars blue

Well the first bar I hit
Well it didn’t quite fit
They dragged me out by my feet
While over at Harry’s
I drank till they carried me
Out to the cold hard street
I made it to Mike’s place and drank to my heartache
What’s a poor boy gonna do
Baby I’m twelve bars blue

At bar number eight
They said get your self straight
Bar number nine was a blur
Ten and eleven
Were just like the seventh
All spit and dust like the first
And now it’s a dozen cause baby your loving
Has got me drinking the whole night through
Baby I’m twelve bars blue

Down on my luck at half past two
Baby I’m twelve bars blue