Lonesome Texas Road

Well this old car’s a little broke
But it ain’t let us down
Though it gets a little bumpy
Driving outta town
And shifting gears is pretty hard
It sure don’t like them hills
We’re praying that it don’t go bust
But it probably will

So we’re driving, yes we’re driving
Driving down this lonesome Texas road
The sun is shining and we’re driving
Driving down this lonesome Texas road

We’ve been through Amarillo
Arlington and Ace
Cedar Creek and Apple Springs
We drive from place to place
Seen Dublin and seen Athens
And Moscow six hours straight
Seen London and seen Paris
But we ain’t left the State

Oh we’re driving

It’s getting kinda weary
Behind this steering wheel
A thousand miles of rubber
A thousand miles of steel
The dusty highway pounding
Like drums inside your skin
This road don’t take no prisoners
But we ain’t giving in

A puncture there on 69
A busted belt on 10
Stuck in Tarrant County
But we got out again
On 82 we’re cruising through
On 62 we stalled
And pushing that old heap of mine
Nearly killed us all

But we’re still driving





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